Criteria #1: Reliability

The system needs to be functional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And any glitches or problems with the cards or readers need to be absolutely minimal.

Laundroworks kiosks and readers are meticulously built from the ground up for this market. All computer systems are custom designed and built in-house. Our system uses contactless card technology, so there’s no wear-and-tear on neither the card nor the reader. The failure rate of cards and readers is extremely low in large part due the contactless nature.

Criteria #2: Remote Reporting and Serviceability

Does the system notify the service provider of any outages in the machines or the kiosk?

Does the system provide financial reporting, including machine revenue?

If a resident experiences a problem and complains, does the service provider have a tool to trace the actions taken by this resident to diagnose the problem? And does the service provider have a way of remotely refunding or starting a laundry machine for this resident?

Laundroworks is a networked system with web-based management. All of the above and much more is possible through the LaundroPortal.

Criteria #3: Coin Replacement

Coins are a major headache to deal with. Is the payment system just an add-on to coins, or is it a replacement?

Laundroworks is a replacement because it is trivial to learn to use and uses conventional payment methods (cash, credit/debit cards), so anyone can use it!

By contrast, an App/Mobile-only payment system, for example, is an add-on. While mobile use is undoubtedly increasing, it is not a replacement for conventional payment methods in the vast majority of multi-housing facilities (unless you’re willing to settle for a large decrease in revenue).

Criteria #4: Payment Options

What payment options does the system offer? Offering the right payment option or combination of options offers convenience for residents and can increase laundry room revenue.

Laundroworks offers several payment option configurations: Cash-only, Credit/Debit only (including ApplePay), Cash+Credit/Debit, and Online payment.

Criteria #5: Convenience Tools

Does the system offer Apps or other conveniences for residents?

Laundroworks comes with an App which allows residents to check machine availability, learn when the laundry room is busiest, check their card balance, and subscribe to receive text notifications when their laundry is done.

Criteria #6: EMV Compliance

The payment industry is moving away from magnetic stripe credit/debit cards and terminals towards more secure Chip-based and Contactless (NFC) payment methods. There’s a liability to operating non-compliant payment equipment. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with “EMV Chip cards” prior to selecting a payment system or payment system provider.

The Laundroworks system is EMV-compliant and accepts NFC payments like Apple Pay. It is not just “Future” proof, it is “Now” proof.

Criteria #7: Costs

If you’re purchasing a payment system, ensure to weigh both the up-front costs and the on-going costs, particularly for payment processing.

The Laundroworks hardware sells at great price points and has low on-going costs. You’re only charged a transaction fee whenever a resident reloads their laundry card using a credit card, not when a residents pays for a laundry machine. And there are no fees for reloading with cash.

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