Laundry Card System: How it Works

Laundroworks Smart Card

With the laundry card system, a digital balance is stored on a contactless smart card.

Card Reader

Users start laundry machines simply by presenting the laundry card to the card reader. The reader debits the balance and starts the machine.

VAC All-In-One Back-Door

Users can add value to the balance on their card or purchase a new card at the Value Add Center kiosk using cash, credit cards or Apple Pay. Various Value Add Center models and configurations are available.

Portal On Laptop

Owners and operators can monitor and control the entire system remotely through LaundroPortal, a real-time, web-based application.

Laundroworks On Mobile

Through the myLaundroworks web application, customers can view machine availability and the remaining cycle time for washers and dryers, and enable text notifications to be sent when their laundry is done!

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“We’ve used other payment systems. After trying Laundroworks, we’ve never looked back. We recently converted a 5th store.”

– Wash n Dry laundromat chain

“We had been looking for a great solution for our laundry rooms that would allow us to simplify our operations and reduce the risks inherent with laundry coins. We have been more than impressed with the Laundroworks systems we have put in place. Not only has it become much easier to manage our laundry rooms, but collections are up and vandalism and coin loss have gone away”

– Michael D. Pierce, President, Prodesse Property Group

“We converted our first store from coin to Laundroworks 9 months ago and love it. We plan to convert all 4 of our locations.”

– Mark Canfield, Laundry Land