Laundromat System Overview

Starting Machines

Laundromat Machine With Reader

Value Add Center

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Features and Benefits over Coins

Benefits for Customers

  Incredibly simple to use
  To start a machine, simply present the laundry card. Don’t subject your laundromat customers to the daunting task of depositing 30 quarters to start a cycle!
  Many payment options
  Credit/Debit cards (including Chip)
  NFC (Apple Pay/Android Pay/Samsung Pay)
  EBT cash benefit cards
  Online value purchase
  Benefit from promotions
  Big bill, free dry, repeat use
  Save money by doing laundry during discounted hours
  Convenience of a web app
  View laundromat machine availability and cycle countdown timers
  Get mobile notifications when laundry is done

Benefits for Owners

  Maximize profit per customer
  Higher use of larger washers due to simplicity of starting the machine. See Jason’s case study.
  Greater propensity to spend more and upgrade cycles, due to monetary detachment resulting from using a digital balance rather than physical money
  “Cycle is done” mobile notifications increase machine availability
  Vend price optimization through penny increment pricing
  Balance store load using time-of-day/time-of-week vend price schedules (e.g. discounts on slower days, happy hour discounts)
  Customer attraction and retention
  Ease-of-use, various bonus features, and balance remaining on the card help to retain customers longer
  Send a “We miss you” email and provide a bonus to customers who haven’t visited in a while.
  Attract new customers by running promotions and advertising features that your competition doesn’t have, such as credit card acceptance.
  Smarter, more efficient operations
  No coin collections
  The card balance acts as an interest-free loan and eventually unused balances can be recognized as revenue. No wonder retailers love gift cards.
  Easy to service customers. You can see a detailed activity report from the Value Add Center or through the LaundroPortal, verify customer claims, and provide a refund instantly if needed.
  Track cash collections
  Track attendant card use (e.g for wash and fold)
  Real-time equipment diagnostics and Email and/or Text alerts.
  Detailed reporting provides insight into what drives revenue and just as importantly – what doesn’t. This can affect your decisions on vend prices, equipment mix, promotion strategy, hours of operation, and more.
  Enforce last wash by scheduling the readers to decline payments after a certain hour
  Use the laundry card for access control (main door, bathrooms)

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