Multi-Housing Laundry System Overview

Starting Machines

Cashless Value Add Center

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Features and Benefits over Coins

Benefits for Residents

  No quarters needed
  Easily reload the laundry card at the Value Add Center using credit cards, cash, Apple Pay or online using credit cards
  Simply present the card to start a machine
  Higher machine availability
  The system alerts managers/service providers of outages, enabling quicker and more proactive service of machines
  No more machine outages due to damage from coin theft
  “Cycle is done” mobile notifications helps speed up turnaround, and makes machines more available to others
  Convenience of web app and notifications
  See machine availability and time remaining
  Check card balance
  Get mobile notification when the laundry cycle is done
  Residents receive much better support
  The manager/service provider has the ability to trace all card usage data and provide a refund to the card instantly if needed

Benefits for Owners, Managers and Operators

  Higher revenue
  Residents make more use of the multi-housing laundry facilities due to the convenience, payment options, and higher machine availability. Many clients have reported jumps in revenue after converting from coin to our card system. Contact us for references.
  Extra revenue stream from vending laundry cards
  Less service and maintenance of multi-housing laundry facilities
  Coin collections or deposits are done away with
  No jams or mechanical problems. Our contactless readers are completely maintenance-free
  Vandalism and theft is deterred
  Easier to service residents and the laundry equipment through LaundroPortal
  Run a card activity report on a resident’s card, provide a refund, or dispense a card – all remotely over the web with LaundroPortal
  Monitor diagnostics of equipment in real-time and get email notifications for critical problems such as loss of internet
  Obtain and share revenue data
  Detailed and summary reports for machine revenue and payments
  Cash management and collections
  Grant staff restricted access to data as needed

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