Case Study: Jason G.


At the request of the client, their full name and business details have not been publicly disclosed. However details can be given to prospective clients interested in knowing more about Jason’s success.

Jason had been running a successful coin store, mostly made up of Dexter and some older Speed-Queen models when he approached us at the Clean Show exhibition. Jason’s main goals were:

  •  Eliminating the multitude of hassles related to coin collections
  •  Adding the ability for customers to pay by credit/debit cards
  •  To ultimately increase the profit generated by the store.


Jason had a number of questions during installation of the card system and we always were on available to assist him. Ultimately he was able to install the readers with the help of just one other pair of hands.

Shortly after launch, Jason discovered a minor issue related to the way some of the card readers were reporting machine usage data. Our engineers quickly tracked down the issue, patched the software, and deployed the patch to the affected card readers using our cloud software and wireless network connecting all the readers.

Laundromat Success:

After the installation, Jason increased dryer prices from 25cents to 30cents, an increase that would not be possible with coin-operated equipment. Washer prices were unchanged. Let’s have a look at some data:

The first set of data shows the year-over-year change in revenue before the card system was installed, while second set of data shows the change in revenue several months after the card system was installed.

January 2016 (coin) to January 2017 (still coin):

  • 20lb washers: +6.2%
  • 25lb washers: +21.2%
  • 40lb washers: +28.2%
  • 60lb washers: +15.3%
  • 80lb washers: +3.6%
  • Dryers: +1.7%

The total dollar amount increase was $1,788.

January 2017 (coin) to January 2018 (card):

  • 20lb washers: +5.9%
  • 25lb washers: +14.1%
  • 40lb washers: +15.4%
  • 60lb washers: +29.7%
  • 80lb washers: +38.4%
  • Dryers: +23.0%

The total dollar amount increase was $3,781!

As expected, there was a much larger increase in revenue from large washers at the expense smaller washers. The 5 cent increase in the dryer price helped increase the dryer revenue significantly. As there were no other major changes to the way the business was operated or promoted, it is fair to conclude that the much larger increase in overall revenue (2017 to 2018) was a direct result of the adoption of the Laundroworks card system.

The large increase in revenue in itself easily justifies the costs of the system (hardware, payment processing, and cards). And this ofcourse doesn’t take into account the massive operational efficiencies and vast data Jason now has at his fingertips to make insightful decisions in the future.

Case Study: Wash n Dry


We will next look at the laundromat success of Wash n Dry, a chain of laundromats in the Boston area. The owners had already been using other card payment systems across a number of their locations when they approached us. Their criteria for a new card system were as follows:

  •  Cost-effective
  •  Easy to use with a modern look and feel
  •  Easy to service
  •  Networked with remote control capabilities

They liked what they saw with Laundroworks.


The installers were amazed at the simplicity of the installation process of the card system overall. The card readers fit onto the variety of makes, models, and generations of machines at the store almost perfectly. No drilling was required. Once powered up, the readers automatically connected to the Laundroworks wireless network. No network setup was required and no network cabling needed to be run.

Laundromat Success:

After launch, store customers changed their old cards for new contactless ones and quickly appreciated the intuitive, glitch-free experience of reloading the contactless card and tapping it to start machines.

Meanwhile, the owners were thrilled to see the entire system online, complete with diagnostics and reports. They were now better equipped to react more quickly to any outages and provide service to customers remotely using the LaundroPortal. A feature of the Portal they frequently use is the Card Tracker, which allows them to obtain a usage report for any laundry card and control the balance. They use this feature to better understand any issues raised by customers, to track attendant card use, and to provide refunds.

Since then five Wash n Dry stores have been converted to the Laundroworks card system. Customers with the Laundroworks card can use it at any one of the five stores.

Quote from customer:

“I’ve used several other payment systems and Laundroworks really stands out. It has a lot of nice functions, like cash bonuses. But none of that matters if a system doesn’t work well fundamentally and customers run into problems starting machines. Laundroworks just works and my customers love it.”

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