A simple, powerful, and economical card system for laundromats and apartment laundries

How it Works

Balance is stored on a contactless smart card.

Laundry machines are activated simply by presenting the laundry card to the card reader.

Customers can re-load the balance on their card or purchase a new card at the Value Add Center kiosk using cash or credit/debit cards. Several configurations of the Value Add Center are available.

Detailed reports, real-time diagnostics, and admin tools are available on LaundroPortal – a web-based management system.

Web app shows card balance, availability of machines

Features & Benefits

Convenient and Easy to Use
Reload laundry card in seconds with cash or debit/credit cards and start machines instantly. No coins required!
Full Transaction Data on the Web
Detailed as well as aggregated transaction data is available on the web. You can view reports for machine cycle transactions, Value Add Center transactions, cash collections, card usage, and more!
Real-time Diagnostics and Alerts
Various status and diagnostics data from the machines and the Value Add Center is reported on the web, in real time. This allows you to service potential problems more quickly and more efficiently. For Value Add Centers with a bill acceptor, the system also reports on the contents of this bill acceptor. Moreover, the system can be configured to send e-mail alerts under critical situations, such as an empty card dispenser, or a bill acceptor that is almost at capacity
Bonus/Loyalty Programs
You can configure the system to add a bonus amount onto the laundry card every time a customer accrues some pre-defined value in purchases. You can also configure the system to accrue credits which can be applied towards free dry cycles. These features help differentiate your store from competitors and keep customers coming back.
Add Value Remotely
The system administrator can add value to laundry cards remotely simply by entering the card number and the value in a website. This is a handy feature for providing bonuses, refunds, and free laundry credit in general. It can also be used in exchange for forms of payment not supported by the Value Add Center, such as cheques.
Free Start
The system comes with special cards that can activate machines for free, without a balance . This provides convenience for staff, superintendents, or other persons who are granted free use of the laundry machines. Transactions for these cards are fully tracked, just as they are for regular cards.
Customer Web Portal
Customers can access a website which allows them to check card balances, preview real-time machine availability, view purchase history, and subscribe to notifications. See the myLaundroworks page for more details.
SMS Alerts
Customers can subscribe to receive SMS text messages when their laundry is finished. See myLaundroworks for more details
Operates with Door Strikes and Soap Dispensers
In addition to laundry machines, certain other equipment such as door strikes and Vend-Rite soap dispensers can also be equipped with card readers.
Works with Coin Acceptors
In some cases you may still want to accept coins. By using our card system, you do not have to choose between coin and card. You can use coin-acceptors in parallel with our readers at the laundry machines.
Easy to Install (uses wireless technology)
The Value Add Center typically only requires you to provide an internet connection and a power outlet. There is minimal assembly required. The card readers come with cable harnesses for the target laundry machine, requiring only a few, well-documented, connections to the machine’s control hardware. A powerful feature of the system is that it is wirelessly networked: card readers send status and transaction data to the Value Add Center wirelessly – you do NOT need to network the laundry machines with complex cabling; our proprietary wireless network forms automatically.